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If you have an inflammatory related illness such as gout or arthritis, then you may want to take cherry juice products in addition to conventional pain medication. If you have already given up on such conventional treatments, then you may find some relief by drinking cherry juice. Based on the numerous studies on gout and cherry juice, researchers believe that cherries may have a beneficial effect by helping one deal with the condition as well as improving general health.

Cherries are known to be tasty fruits with a high concentration of antioxidants. While they have been famously known for their tart taste, sour cherries were rarely in the news for significant health reasons. However, research into the origins of cherries reveals that cherries have been used since ancient times to treat gout and arthritis.

Gout is an intensely painful inflammation that usually presents itself in the foot or the big toe. Due to the inflammation, one cannot carry out any of the normal physical activities and in many cases, they are confined to wheelchairs. The inflammation is caused by a buildup of uric acid within the body. Studies on gout and cherry juice reveal that taking a single serving of cherry juice each day may reduce uric acid levels in the body by 15%.

The effect of cherry juice on gout has been attributed to the combined effect of anti-inflammatory antioxidants and antioxidant cyanidin glycosides present within the cherries. Moreover, research on gout and cherry juice has revealed that consumption of cherry juice made from Bing cherries lowers the concentrations of circulating inflammation markers in healthy women and men.

Based on its antioxidant concentration, cherry juice is the healthiest beverage available. Research on the product used Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity levels to measure antioxidant concentrations and compare the results with that of other fruits and vegetables. The results found that a single serving of cherry juice has about 6 times the antioxidant concentration of other fruits and vegetables.

Antioxidants are found within the skin of cherries and are responsible for their ruby red color. As cherry juice is made directly from cherries, all the health benefits to be gained from cherries are inherited by the cherry juice product. Studies on gout and cherry juice have found that cherry juice concentrate may be used in smaller doses. Cherry juice concentrate formulas are known to be much cheaper than the normal cherry juice formula. Moreover, they last much longer.

Aside from using cherry juice for the treatment of gout, this cherry product has a number of other health benefits including improved blood circulation as well as improved joint health. Moreover, separate studies indicate that cherries may also help reduce risk factors relating to heart disease as well as diabetes.

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