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Cherries are probably the most popular fruit in modern homes across the North Atlantic. The cherry has come to be used as a delightful desert in most pastries as well as standing on its own as a delicious fruit. As the cherry is quite marketable, a number of questions have been raised on a number of forums pertaining to growing a cherry tree. If you would like to grow your own cherry trees, here’s how to go about the process.

The first thing that you should do before growing a cherry tree is to determine the site on which you will plant the cherry trees. This should be done a few months in advance and should include checking that the soil pH does not exceed 6.8 and is above 6.2. Moreover, the soil should be well-drained. This can be checked during the rainy season by digging a hole about two feet deep. If water pools in the hole, it probably means that the soil does not drain well in that particular area and wouldn’t support growing of cherry trees.

The next step to growing a cherry tree would be to choose the types of cherries you would like to grow. There are a quite a number of cherry varieties available. However, it is commonly known that the sour cherry variety is much easier to grow than most others and hence it is highly favored by cherry growers. When choosing the type of cherries, be sure to check that they are compatible with your region.

The actual planting of cherry trees is quite easy to do. Depending on the age and the variety of the cherry tree chosen, you may need to dig a hole that is about eighteen to twenty-four inches deep. Be sure to tease out the roots of the cherry tree and secure the root ball firmly at the bottom of the hole with a bit of soil. As you add more soil, be sure to press down more firmly to ensure the tree is securely in place. Lastly, water the tree well before retiring for the day.

Growing a cherry tree means that you take the time to ensure that the tree is well looked after. One element of such care is through proper watering. Until they are well established, cherry trees will require regular watering, especially in the hot summer months. This water is necessary in order to swell the cherries into the required size.

Often, people tend to make several assumptions as to growing a cherry tree, especially when the weather is concerned. To ensure that you cherry trees are healthy, be sure to remember that cherry trees are adverse to long summers and require a chilling period in the winter. Moreover, cherry trees do not require a late frost as with other fruit trees

Our site is primarily concerned with cherries health benefits so we of course want to mention it. If you would like to see the many natural and healthy benefits this small and tasty fruit contains be sure and browse a few of our article. Also, we do have some very delicious cherry recipes you may want to try. We hope you enjoyed this basic information on growing a cherry tree.