Growing Cherry Trees

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Growing cherry trees are a great idea for people who have gardens or yards with room to grow this beautiful tree. Better yet, cherry fruits are very good for your health, so it makes growing cherry trees twice as nice.

You will find your garden will attain a great new look by having such a beautiful tree in it, which can also help your house achieve more curb appeal if you ever want to sell it.

Generally, cherry trees are the first of all the stone type fruits to bear fruit and blossom. For this reason, the cherrie's appearance in grocery shelves does signal summer’s arrival.

When growing cherry trees, it is not that difficult as long as you have very cold winters and room enough for two different trees that are planted eighteen feet apart.

The standard types of trees you can choose from are tart, standard, sweet or dwarf. The place in your garden where you should put your tree is a spot where there is a lot of rich soil and abundant sunlight.

Do not plant a new cherry tree where there was another tree previously, since the old tree would have used up all the soil nutrients already.

There are many new cherry tree varieties which you might be interested in. Two popular ones are called the Sweetheart and the Stella varieties. These varieties are self-pollinating so you need to select these if you want one single fruit-bearing tree.

For those who do not have enough space, you can plant them against a wall espaliered, pruning constantly to make sure that they grow properly. The advantage of espaliering is that you can keep their size under control and keep the tree netted to prevent birds from consuming the fruit.

Originally from Western Asia and Europe, cherry trees look best in the spring when cherry blossoms cover the entire treetop.

There are cherry tree shows in Japan open to the public for everyone to admire the beauty of these trees. For these reason, you get more than just cherries, you get a sight to behold in your very own backyard in the spring.

To find the varieties you intend to use for your backyard, you can go check out your local garden center or online plant and seed supply shops to check the available regional varieties.

Since cherries are very sensitive, many of the new varieties that have been bred in order for them to be able to cope with viruses and temperatures more easily.

As you purchases your young cherry trees, check the specific instructions for planting and requirements for pollination. Growing cherry trees in your garden will need a lot of pre-planning. You should also find out what variety you are able to grow in your particular region. Growing cherry trees in temperatures which are extreme will take research in terms of which variety will be able to thrive in your location.

Keep in mind that some varieties like sour cherries uses self-pollination. Generally, sweet cherries require cross-pollination and need to be planted nearby a variety that is compatible.

If you are a cherry lover you may want to read our article on cherries health benefits. You will be happy to find cherries not only taste great but are one of the most healthy fruits you can eat