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Want a mouth full of flavor? Buy organic dried cherries for a ready-to-eat and healthy snack. Better still, they can not only be used as a healthy snack but included in pies, cakes, breakfast cereal and many other types of dishes for extra nutrition and flavor. Like all organic foods, organic cherry growers use only organic insect repellent and fertilizer to make certain their cherries contain no dangerous chemicals or additives.

Once organic cherries are dried they are generally sweetened with natural sweetners just before being packaged and sold to consumers. However, some cherry varieties have such natural sweetness no sweetner is added. When stored in a cool, dry place they can last for up to 6 months.

Reasons to buy organic dried cherries

Basically fresh cherries are available only during the summer season and only last for a short period of time. For that reason it’s impossible to get pleasure from your favorite fruit all year long. This is why frozen, canned and dried cherries must be used the rest of the year.

Some of the health advantages attributed to cherries includes: helps in weight loss, reduces risk of diabetes, heart disease, joint disease and most cancers. Cherries also contain melatonin, which has been shown to lessen the results of jet lag, lessen memory loss and help regulate sleep patterns.

Of course cherries are not eaten only for their many healing capacities but for their delicious taste as well. For this reason you need to buy organic dried cherries and keep them on hand to help you not only stay healthy but always have that fantastic cherry taste anytime you want.

There are many varieties of cherries but not all are readily available on the market as dried cherries. Four varieties that are available when you wish to buy dried cherries are as follows:

Sweetheart- Sweetheart cherries are heart-shaped, bright red in color, extremely firm, and have a thick, green stem. The taste is mild, but sweet, and this variety of the fruit is normally available from middle of July to the middle of August. It has high sugar levels with a nice firm texture.

Garnet - Garnet cherries fruit is uniform in size and shape and has a red, glassy skin and a shorter stem. Garnet cherries are naturally sweet, rich, and well-balanced with great firmness. They are available from California in late April to mid May and also available in some states in early June.

Bing - When you buy organic dried cherries this is the leading sweet cherry variety in the United States and it has a large body with a dark-red to mahogany color and round shape. They have a rich sweet flavor and are very juicy. Bing cherries are available in middle to late May until the beginning of June from California and also middle to late June through the beginning of August in Washington.

Rainer — The Rainer cherry is usually yellow with a bright red blush and creamy yellow flesh. They are normally larger in size and have super-sweet very high sugar levels and delicate. They are available from the middle of June until the first week of August.

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