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A balanced diet is one of the most essential requirements that our body requires to stay healthy. Everyday, the body is faced with the uphill task of protecting itself from all manner of diseases. By providing the body with the nutrients it requires, one ensures that their body’s immune system is able to fight off disease. While one requires a healthy amount of starch, proteins and fat, one still requires an equal amount of vitamins and other mineral nutrients to stay healthy. Through adequate consumption of fruits and vegetables, one is able to maintain this delicate health balance. There are a number of fruits that provide different nutrients in different quantities. In this regard, cherries boast some of the most beneficial qualities. Many extremely health conscience individuals even prefer organic tart cherries which have shown have the most nutrients.

With today's environmental concerns there are many people who are concerned whether the food they purchase is organic or not. As such, most people tend to prefer wholly organic tart cherries to other commercially available alternatives. Organic cherries can be grouped into two varieties: sweet organic cherries and sour organic cherries. While the sweet organic cherries are usually stocked in most convenience stores and the tastiest of the two, the sour variety tends to be preferred for health reasons due to their abundant benefits.

Organic tart cherries have long held their place as some of the tastiest desert cuisines, but for the last few years researchers have been looking into the health benefits of such cherries. Cherries have long since been used by healers as natural pain relievers for some inflammatory diseases such as gout and arthritis. Research into the specific qualities of organic cherries has revealed that the skins/pigments of cherries which give them their rich color is responsible for many of their healing qualities. The pigments of organic cherries contain natural antioxidants such as anthocyanin which helps in protecting the body from disease. Moreover, organic tart cherries also contain abundant amounts of beta-carotene and other mineral nutrients essential to proper body functions.

While many varieties of organic cherries are available at most convenience stores year round in their canned or dried form, there are not available fresh throughout the year because of the cherries short growing season. Moreover, organic cherries are perishable foods. Thus, they cannot be stored for long periods of time. However, one can get the health benefits equal to fresh organic tart cherries in the form of organic tart cherry concentrate. Through a unique manufacturing process, the cherries are squeezed and the juice concentrated. In this way, one will be able to store the juice concentrate much longer than they would any variety of the organic cherries themselves.

Depending on one’s taste and preferences, one can choose from any number of organic tart cherries on the market. This includes dried sweetened tart cherries, dried natural sweetened tart cherries, as well as chocolate-covered tart cherries. The organic cherries used to make these products are hand selected and have to be organically certified before they are used. The core difference between the sweetened and the natural variety of dried organic cherries is that the sweetened variety normally has a sugar solution infused in it. This helps reduce the tartness of the cherry.

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