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The next time you are headed to the supermarket for a healthy dose of natural products, try checking to see if they have pure cherry juice. The many benefits of cherry juice has been well documented in many websites, journals, and magazines. However, the one thing that many of these publications fail to mention is that there is a significant difference between the cherry juice you buy on supermarket shelves and pure cherry juice.

Consider: most of the time, the cherry juice that you buy on supermarket shelves would have been processed and mixed with many other ingredients in order to make it marketable. The most common suspects would include sweeteners – either sugar or of the artificial variety – and a certain dose of preservatives in order to make the juice last on the shelves longer. Dilution is also a common processing technique designed to increase the volume of the juice produced by the manufacturer, as well as tame the taste in order to make it more palatable to the customer. Last but certainly not least, it is also likely that supermarket cherry juice is made with additional cherry flavoring to offset some of the dilution that thins the quality of the resulting product.

At face value, these may be harmless but when you dig deeper, there are potentially serious consequences. First, sugars carry calories that are responsible for weight gain. Imagine, you went to the supermarket to buy organic products so you can be healthy but all that you are doing is packing more calories. As for the other additives, there are studies that purport to claim the negative effects of artificial sweeteners as well as preservatives.

To negate all these, the best option is to go for pure cherry juice. In some cases, these are available in the supermarket if you know how to read the labels. However, if you want to be sure that you are only getting pure cherry juice, it would help if you can do your own juicing. Instead of buying cherry juice, you can buy fresh or frozen cherries and process them through the juicer or blender so you know exactly what goes into every serving.

If you are not into juicing you can find pure cherry juice on the internet. Just type ‘pure cherry juice’ on your favorite search engine and you will be surprised at how many results you get.

Aside from the many laudable illness-combating effects of cherries, pure cherry juice is also packed with fiber to help cleanse your colon and ward off fatal colon illnesses like colon cancer. Fiber sweeps the intestines of toxins that may accumulate over time. Add to this, you get the same potent substances that fight heart ailments, other forms of cancer, and beef up your immune system because of its high antioxidant and Vitamin C content.

Do not settle for artificial or diluted cherry juice; rather, always go for pure cherry juice where it is available. The difference in terms of health benefits is tremendous and it is something that one must learn to take advantage of in order to have a positive health benefit for anyone and everyone in the family.