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There have been several news reports on red tart cherries and how useful they may be in healthy living, especially for individuals who have inflammatory diseases such as gout or arthritis. While there is a long standing debate between the FDA and cherry manufacturers as to the medical grounds of such, there is no doubt that red tart cherries hold the key to uncovering the cures to some of the most complicated of diseases.

Red tart cherries are so named due to the color and taste of the cherries themselves. Part of the sour cherry variety, their antioxidant levels are much higher than the other cherry variety, the sweet cherry. Hence, red tart cherries are more significant when talking about cherries health benefits. It should be noted that the high level of antioxidants found in the cherry is responsible for the dark red pigment color of the cherry.

From early on, it has always been known that red tart cherries are the link to treating connective tissue diseases as well as autoimmune diseases. However, there was no significant research to back this theory and as such, it always remained a theory. However, significant strides have since been made to establish the link that these cherries have to treating such disorders.

Studies indicate that red tart cherries help reduce the pain associated with inflammatory type diseases such as gout and arthritis. Moreover, the studies suggest that these cherries may offer some protection against cancer. But how exactly does it work?

Red tart cherries are believed to have certain phytochemicals called anthocyanins which effectively reduce painful inflammation in individuals who suffer from muscle pain related to intensive exercise. The study indicated that young men who engaged in regular intensive exercise had less induced damage from the exercise when they incorporated cherry juice in their daily diets.

The specific anthocyanin responsible for these cherry benefits has not yet been identified. In fact, researchers believe that these benefits are the result of the synergistic effect of the different compounds contained within the cherry.

The cherry is not a fruit that can be found all year round. Fortunately, the cherry benefits listed above can be gained from eating cherries whether in the form of juice concentrate, dried, fresh or frozen. Cherry juice concentrate and frozen cherries are popular options if you want to get your daily dose of cherries and their associated benefits .

It is important to know the different types of red tart cherries available in the market. The two common types include the Montmorency and the Balaton varieties. These are grown mostly in Michigan and have a darker skin pigment than most other tart cherry types. Typically, the darker the cherry, the higher the anthocyanin content it has.