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Sour Cherries Nutrition

It may be hard to believe but it is a fact that there are many cherry lovers out there who are not that familiar with sour cherries nutrition. When it comes down to the important stuff, people oftentimes base their food choice on the things that they find satisfying and refreshing, and not so much for the nutritive content of the foods that are placed in front of them. Of course, the great thing about cherries is that these are nutritious and delicious both at the same time, and it is that combination that brings people back to supermarket shelves for their regular cherry favorites.

Still, that is no excuse for continuing to be uninformed concerning sour cherries nutrition. In fact, when you become familiar with the nutritive value of cherries, it is hard not to talk about it to friends and family alike. Cherries are widely considered to be one of the most nutritive fruits pound for pound and enjoying a serving or two of cherries per day can certainly go a long way towards helping you and your family meet your health goals.

So what is it in cherries that make it a “super food”? Let us count the ways:

The first thing that jumps out of cherries is their very high antioxidant content. Antioxidants are excellent illness fighting substances because these compounds work at the root of the problem: stopping disease vectors in its tracks. The body, just like any fine-tuned machine, reacts to stress by producing by-products like free radicals which in turn can damage cells, tissues, and organs when these are not controlled. The antioxidants in cherries react with free radicals before they come into contact with the cells thereby preventing degeneration and cellular damage.

After antioxidants, the mineral content in cherries is what builds its reputation as an excellent nutrition source. Cherries contain substantial amounts of iron which is essential for blood health, potassium and sodium for muscle health, and zinc for immune system health among others. If you are looking for fruits as a healthy source of minerals in the right proportions, you can never go wrong with cherries.

Cherries also contain a lot of vitamins starting with Vitamin C, a form of antioxidant. Together with Vitamin C are Vitamin A and Vitamin B.

An underrated component of the strong sour cherries nutrition reputation is the fact that cherries contain low amounts of total calories. The calorie content of cherries makes them excellent snack substitutes, especially for those looking to switch to a healthy diet to lose weight. Likewise, cherries have high water content in them and this is great for hydration. Most of us are used to eating processed food that is almost bone dry; to have snacks that are full of water is important to prevent dehydration from everyday activities.

This is has been some basic sour cherries nutrition information that can be used and applied in our daily lives. Whenever you have access to cherries and cherry-based products, always think of the many sour cherries nutrition pointers mentioned here so you can be motivated to pick up that cherry and incorporate it into you and your family’s diet for daily healthy meals.