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Sour Cherry Concentrate

If you are looking for an alternative way to enjoy your favorite cherries, then there’s a fairly good chance that you will come to love and enjoy sour cherry concentrate. Available in supermarket shelves everywhere, a sour cherry concentrate is excellent for making cherry-based refreshments. With so many health and nutrition benefits to offer, sour cherry concentrate is a welcome addition to any diet or even as a replacement to commercial food supplements.

Sour cherry concentrate is essentially made from actual cherries but with the juice extracted and separated from the pulp. During the concentrate manufacturing process, most of the nutrients in cherries are transferred to the concentrate. This allows cherry juice to be a great source of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, especially for people who do love the taste of cherries and would want to have a steady source of health benefits from natural sources even when they are out of season.

The nutrients in cherries, in turn, bring many health benefits that can help people turn their health problems around:

Doctors have long advised arthritis patients to add cherries into their diets. Gout, in particular, has been known to be receptive to the addition of cherries in a patient’s diet. Cherries contain a variety of antioxidants which react with arthritis triggers to keep attacks at bay. In particular, the anthocyanins in cherries are known to neutralize purine crystals before they are deposited in a gout patient’s joints resulting in a gout attack. Sour cherry concentrate can help patients by lowering the instances of arthritis attacks as well as the severity of the pain associated with a gout outbreak.

The same anthocyanins in sour cherry concentrate can also help manage muscle pains due to its natural anti-inflammatory effects. People who live an active lifestyle and continually go through high intensity exercises can benefit from adding sour cherry concentrate into their diets. Researches from many credible health institutions have found out that athletes who had cherry juice in their diet were less likely to feel extreme pain after a workout than those who only ate their typical athlete’s diet.

The same pain relieving characteristics of anthocyanins extend to cases of fibromyalgia, a pain disorder that has yet to be fully understood by medical science. Diagnosed patients report significant improvement in pain episodes after adding cherry concentrate to their diets.

At the core of the effectiveness of sour cherry concentrate is the fact that it is in liquid form. The human digestive tract is more far efficient at extracting nutrients in liquid form than if they are embedded in solid foods. Once in the stomach, the nutrients simply diffuse through the linings of the digestive tract and are carried by the blood into various areas of the body. As effective as fresh cherries are in helping manage various conditions, sour cherry concentrate offers more value owing to its liquid form.

As the trend in health transitions to increased dependency on natural food sources, sour cherry concentrate presents a great opportunity for pain and disease mitigation via the health and nutrition benefits of fruit and fruit-based products. Add sour cherry concentrate to your diet today and begin enjoying its many astounding benefits. It’s economically priced, readily available, and medically proven to be effective. There is clearly nothing else that one can ask for when it comes to cherries health benefits.