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One of the best ways to benefit from the many nutritious attributes of cherries without having to rely on fresh produce the whole year round is with a sour cherry extract. Depending on the specific manufacturer, sour cherry extract contains just as much nutritional value as fresh cherries and are available the whole year round at affordable prices. Those who are aware of the nutritional benefits of cherries can certainly derive tremendous value in incorporating sour cherry extract into their grocers list as another source of health benefits for the family.

A sour cherry extract is made from the Montmorency or sour cherry variety. This is different from sweet cherries in that sour cherries are far less commonly consumed in fresh form due to their sourness. Instead, sour cherries find use as ingredients in various desserts like pies, or as a source of valuable extract which is then marketed all over the world.

The extract manufacturing process is fairly simple; if you’ve seen videos of how grape juice is extracted to produce wine, the process works in much the same way. Usually an extractor is used to press the cherries to separate the juice from the pulp. The resulting juice undergoes multiple filtration processes to further remove the solids. Additives are then included, depending on the specific variety, to create the final version found in grocers around the world.

A sour cherry extract is popular mainly because it has multiple uses depending on your preferences. Some like to consume their cherry extract in syrup form, dolling it out in tablespoons and taking one or two servings per day. Others mix their own cherry juice with sour cherry extract added it to water for more flavor and nutritional value. Others also use cherry extract to flavor desserts likes cakes, shakes, and many other household favorites. The uses of sour cherry extract are essentially limited by one’s imagination.

From this simple product comes a variety of benefits that can significantly boost the nutritional value of one’s daily diet. Cherries are rich in antioxidants which help lower the risk for various diseases like cancers, heart ailments, hypertension and stroke among other health issues. Cherries are also popular among arthritis sufferers due to its anti-inflammatory effects. An arthritis patient who takes sour cherry extract on a daily basis is far less likely to suffer from regular arthritis attacks than a patient who completely relies on medication and dieting. There may be no approved therapeutic effect in sour cherries but the anecdotal evidence shows many patients swear by it for relief from arthritic pain.

No doubt, a sour cherry extract is an important source of nutrients, vitamins and minerals that can benefit people on so many levels. And because its accessible, affordable and easy to prepare, there are basically no limitations to its potential uses. Pick up a bottle of sour cherry extract today and begin your trek to a healthier lifestyle all because you have added cherries into your daily diet.