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Sour Cherry Health Benefits

Whenever a discussion of the best food options break out, the mention of sour cherry health benefits is never that far off the table; and this is for good reason. Indeed, there is no denying that sour cherries pack some of the most potent combination of health-giving substances so much so that they have been touted as a super food. That’s a title given only to foods that are known to contain high doses of positively beneficial nutrients like antioxidants, and the fact that sour cherries are categorized as such only speaks to the many benefits that it can offer to consumers.

Enumerating these health benefits is a long and arduous task but when you take the time to check out the more obvious and well-known benefits, you are well on your way towards promoting sour cherries as an excellent addition to anyone’s diet.

The many sour cherries health benefits are almost always capped by their well-chronicled high concentration of antioxidants. In very simple terms, antioxidants are substances which function as excellent disease prevention agents because they work at the most basic level and are therefore the most effective. Take note that the term is prevention and not cure. Antioxidants neutralize the action of disease-causing free radicals preventing the entry of those substances to cells and tissues and subsequently eliminating their capacity to cause illness.

The importance of neutralizing free radicals has become a very important thrust for disease prevention today seeing that the potential source of free radicals has dramatically increased. Stress, for example, is a notable precursor to free radical formation. Add to this, unhealthy food, polluted air, commercial products which are subjected to industrial processes; these are just some of the agents that lead to free radical formation. Sour cherry health benefits work at the most basic level, by preventing free radicals from ever damaging cells and therefore causing illness.

Regulation of body processes. These are functions that are typically done by vitamins. At the cellular level, vitamins catalyse processes such as digestion, formation of immunity agents, cell regeneration and the likes. Sour cherry health benefits afford the consumer these positive effects because sour cherries have high concentrations of vitamins in every serving.

Structural and functional benefits. These can be traced to minerals which aid in various body processes most notably the formation of red blood cells as in the case of iron, or muscle contraction as in the case of sodium and potassium. Minerals like these are also abundant in sour cherries and moderate consumption of cherries can pack the body with these much-needed minerals in order to ensure a healthy and properly functioning organs.

The many sour cherry health benefits make these remarkable fruits mandatory additions to anyone’s diet. Whether you prefer fresh, dried, concentrated, juiced, or even cherry pills, the important thing is that you get your daily source of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals with each cherry serving so you can gain access to a myriad of health benefits that will allow you to live longer by avoiding disease and ensuring the health and well-being of your cells, tissues, organs and body systems.

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