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When it comes to searching for healthy alternatives, a large number of people look at the conventional fruits such as bananas, apples, oranges, mangoes, etc. However, a significant number have realized the nutritional benefits that they stand to gain from consuming sour dried cherries. While the cherries may not be necessarily dried, doing so helps preserve them for a longer period. Thus, one need not worry about their cherries ruining too quickly.

Cherries have long been regarded as one of the most potent health miracles that nature has to offer. For many centuries, traditional doctors used cherries as herbal remedies for inflammatory diseases such as arthritis and gout. In fact, a number of scientists have become so intrigued as to the sour cherries health benefits that they have began clinically testing to see whether the claims for inflammatory relief are actually true. These studies intend to investigate the possible healing properties that sour cherries may have when it comes to inflammatory diseases.

While the actual medical properties of sour dried cherries are debatable, the health benefits that these fruits posses is quite incredible. Cherries are full of disease fighting compounds called anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants have been noted as having a key role in fighting off free radical cancer cells. While these antioxidants can be found in both sweet and sour cherries, their abundance in sour cherries is thought to be quite more than in sweet cherries. These anti-oxidants can be found in the skins or pigments of these sour cherries. All in all, the health benefits to be gained by simply eating cherries are rather remarkable.

There are a number of different sour dried cherries. Sour cherries are normally identified by their dark-red color and a rather sharp taste. Due to this sharp taste, these cherries are often called tart cherries. The dried version of the cherries has the same color. The most popular varieties of sour dried cherries are the Montmorency and the Morello varieties. The main advantage that dried cherries have over fresh cherries is that they can be eaten all year round. For this reason, sour dried cherries can be found in most convenience and grocery stores at very affordable prices.

Though not normally used in pastries, sour dried cherries may be used if one intends for the pastry to have a tart taste. In most cases, the sour dried cherries will be preserved in some form of sugar to help neutralize this taste. In other situations, the sour dried cherries may be infused with a sugar solution so as to make the cherries less tart. Common pastries that may use sour dried cherries within their recipes include pies, preserves, as well as relishes.

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