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Cherries are known to be one of the best fruits out there and many appreciate the rich flavor that cherries add to deserts and other dishes. Tart cherries, known by their dark flesh and ruby red skin, are the popularly grown variety. If you are thinking of adding a cherry tree to your outdoor garden, then you may want to think of the Stella Cherry tree.

The Stella cherry tree has earned a name for itself as being one of the best cherry trees to have in your outdoor garden. It happens to be one of the first trees to blossom and flower signaling the arrival of spring. Having showy pink blossoms that are long and lasting, the Stella cherry tree will definitely be the showcase of your outdoor garden.

However, the showy blossoms are not the only attribute that the Stella cherry tree lays claim to. It is quite economical on space which is great if you have a small or limited outdoor garden. The Stella cherry tree is a self-pollinator which means that it does not need another tree for it to bear fruit. In this way, it differs from most other cherry trees.

The fruit of the Stella cherry tree tends to be ripe around mid-July. You can tell this by the healthy looking purple color that the cherry has. Ripe cherries are firm and succulent and have a skin that is resistant to cracking. For those who are used to supermarket cherries, you will be pleasantly surprised by the difference when you first taste the Stella cherry.

Known to have a maturing height of about 12 to 15 feet, the Stella cherry tree is great for smaller orchards. Moreover, at this height, you can easily harvest the fruit without having to climb too high on ladders.

The Stella cherry tree is known to produce fruit from an early age and as such, you won't have to wait long to have your first harvest. Depending on where you bought the cherry tree, the quality of the cherries that you eat may vary. Moreover, you will also need to know how to properly care for the cherry tree if it is to keep producing fruit for many years to come.

After planting the tree, you will have to ensure that the tree is properly watered through a slow trickle process. This should last for about one to two hours each day. Try to avoid over-watering as this encourages root rot. Fertilizer should be applied at least once every year, preferably just before the tree begins to bloom. The best type of fertilizer for this purpose would be those which have a high nitrogen level. Lastly, when caring for the Stella cherry tree, be sure to place organic mulch at the base of the tree. This is useful in controlling the growth of weeds and improves water retention by the soil.