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Stella Sweet Cherries

Stella sweet cherries, as the name suggests, are a variety of sweet cherries. This type of sweet cherry is one of the newer varieties and is originally from British Colombia in Canada. Stella sweet cherries are large, heart shaped and are almost black in color. They are also very delicious and are most commonly eaten fresh.

Stella sweet cherries are a rather unique type of sweet cherries. Most sweet cherry trees will grow very tall, to about 30 feet. However, the Stella sweet cherry tree is a dwarf tree and will grow to only about 15 feet. This makes it much easier to pick the Stella sweet cherries.

Another unique attribute of the Stella sweet cherry tree is that, unlike most cherry trees, it does not require cross pollination. They are self-fertile and will bloom and produce fruit without cross pollination. However, the Stella sweet cherry tree is an excellent cross pollinator for other types of cherry trees.

The tree also bears Stella sweet cherries early as it has spurred growth naturally. Therefore, if you plant a Stella sweet cherry tree, you should be able to start enjoying its delicious fruit within a short period of time, about 3 years. Other cherry trees will take 6 to 10 years to mature and start bearing fruit. However, the duration a cherry tree will take to bear fruit depends on the care you lavish on it. If they are well taken care of, it can live up to 30 years.

Stella sweet cherry trees need to be grown in mild climates, with very few winter days as they are not fond of frost. They should also be protected from high winds. The trees should be planted in soil that is well drained so that the roots do not rot. You should only use a slow release fertilizer if you need to use one. Watering should be done regularly but the soil should not become soggy or waterlogged.

Pruning must also be done, but it must be done after the tree has flowered. The branches of the Stella sweet tree are particularly susceptible to breakage. Pruning helps the tree form a strong trunk and strong branches.

Stella sweet cherries are not the only reason the tree is grown. The tree also has great ornamental value. This is not only due to the fact that it is a dwarf tree, it also has beautiful pink flowers that bloom early, signalling the start of spring. These flowers last quite long and are a joy to behold.

Like other sweet cherries, Stella sweet cherries are very nutritious and have numerous health benefits. Benefits include reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, preventing cancer and fighting inflammation.