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Tart Cherries Health Benefits

The reason behind the definite popularity of Montmorency cherries is no other than the tart cherries health benefits that go with every bite. Make no mistake about it, as small as tart cherries are in the real world, its value in terms of nutritive and health benefits is immensely larger. For this reason, it is not surprising that more and more people are eyeing a pack of fresh or frozen cherries, if not cherry-derived products, everytime they visit the supermarket.

Some of the tart cherries health benefits that are drawing rave reviews are the following:

Enhanced resistance from cardiovascular illnesses. Tart cherries contain a high concentration of antioxidants which help fight diseases that are caused by cell damage. Cell damage is often caused by substances known as free radicals which are produced when the body is subjected to stress, toxins, and similar factors that push the body to overwork itself. Antioxidants do an excellent job of negating the effects of free radicals by reacting with these substances before they can get to the cell and do their work.

Disease-fighting qualities. It is one thing to have your dose of antioxidants which help to fight serious diseases; it is altogether different to have a steady dose of Vitamin C which is essential for building your immunity from common disease factors like bacteria and viruses. Doctors recommend that we all get our share of the daily recommended dietary requirement for Vitamin C and what better source to get it than tart cherries, either in fresh, dried or frozen form.

One of the underrated tart cherries health benefits pertains to calories. It has been found that cherries have low calorie content on top of all the other nutritional benefits. As a snack, tart cherries can help satiate your hunger pangs without stuffing you with fattening calories. Instead, it infuses your body with a healthy dose of antioxidants and vitamins, doubling the benefits that you get from a serving of fruit. Speaking of servings, a serving of tart cherries only packs 70 calories; in comparison, a serving of commercial potato chips pack about 180 calories. No wonder your waist keeps on growing with every bag of potato chips that you chow down.

Hydration. Many of us dismiss the importance of proper hydration. As a result, we regularly get headaches, colds, as well as regularly succumb to fatigue and sickness. Foods that are rich in water hydrate us and lower the risks for dehydration-related illnesses.

Because of these tart cherries health benefits, more and more people are embracing the health revolution pioneered by tart cherries. It is a welcome development for people who are looking to embrace a healthier, fitter, better lifestyle and one that can be certainly serviced by the many tart cherries health benefits that are all there for the taking.

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