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Tart Cherry Extract Benefits

For anyone who values the importance of healthy and organic food sources versus commercial food supplements and vitamin pills, the many tart cherry extract benefits are certainly a cause for joy. Research from many reputable nutrition institutions across the world have placed great emphasis on how tart cherry extract has tremendous potential in becoming one of the most promising sources of vitamin supplements instead of relying on products from artificial sources. In this post, we will talk about the many benefits of tart cherry extract so consumers can consider if they are willing to sub their old vitamin supplements in favor of cherry-based products.

Most of the tart cherry extract products on the market are made from fresh tart cherries. Upon harvest, the tart cherries are sent to a facility where the cherry juice is extracted from the fruit. This is then filtered and purified from impurities before being packaged and sold as tart cherry extract. It is helpful to remember that the best products on the market should not contain any other additives that only serve to add artificial chemicals to the product.

It is from this tart cherry extract where we can hope to enjoy many of the tart cherry extract benefits as specified in many reputable researches worldwide.

The antioxidants in tart cherry extract offer some of the most important health benefits that are available out of the many organic products on the market. Cherries are widely known as superfoods because of these antioxidants. This is because studies have shown that the antioxidants in tart cherries lead to health benefits like relief against pain particularly in the case of arthritis and gout, a lowered risk for degenerative conditions like heart ailments and cancer, and even helps combat high blood pressure. These are health benefits that are immediately available to someone who drinks tart cherry extract but even more so for those who have included cherry extract and fresh cherries into their daily diet.

Tart cherry extract benefits also extend to sleep. Studies show that people who regularly drink tart cherry extract are able to sleep better because of the hormone melatonin which is present in cherries. Melatonin helps regulate our body’s internal clock and is responsible for triggering our systems to “power down” for sleep or “power up” after a good night’s rest. People who have sleep disorders often have abnormal levels of melatonin in the body and are best served by adding tart cherry extract benefits into their diet to help improve and stabilize their melatonin levels.

There are also studies that show how tart cherry extract benefits impact muscle recovery in athletes. A study from a reputable university shows that endurance athletes who drink tart cherry extract recover faster after a marathon than athletes who did not take cherry-based products. This is fast becoming a breakthrough recovery secret for many performance athletes who are looking for the slightest competitive edge to allow them to excel in their chosen sport.

Undoubtedly, there is tremendous value to be hand in these tart cherry extract benefits. If you want to take advantage of these health benefits, head to a health store near you and grab a tart cherry extract bottle, or better yet, make your own extract using fresh cherries so you know you are only drinking pure cherry extract without any preservatives. You can also purchase it from one of the many internet stores that carries or produces tart cherry extract.