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Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate Health Benefits

Tart cherries are known by many names such as Montmorency cherries, balaton cherries, pie cherries or the most common - sour cherries. Tart cherries are different from sweet cherries, which from the name itself, has a characteristic sweet taste making it ideal for fresh consumption or as an ingredient in tossed salads and fruit platters. Both sweet and sour cherries are sold in extract forms as sweet cherry concentrate and tart cherry juice concentrate but there are critical differences between the two. Depending on your palate, you can use these differences to pick out the one that suits you better.

Sweet cherries are ideal for use in as-is form, which means you only need to pour the cherry juice out and enjoy it as a refreshing beverage. It is not ideal as a thick concentrate because one wrong pour and you will end up with a very sweet cherry mixture that can be slightly irritating to the throat. Tart cherry juice concentrate on the other hand lends itself more flexible in terms of flavoring options. You can drink it without any sugar or honey sweeteners and the sour taste will float into the surface stroking your palate like a weak mixture of lemon juice. This is ideal for people who dislike sweet juices, even those with only a mild sweet taste.

Regardless of your choice, however, you can be assured to reap the benefits of cherry juice extracts. When processed, cherries transfer their rich content of flavonoids, vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, phenolics, anthocyanins and many other “super-compounds” that are used by the body to naturally remedy various illnesses like arthritis, gout, muscle pain, diabetes, and back pain, aid in weight loss and help retard the progress of neurodegenerative diseases. In the case of gout for example, which is caused by a genetic inability to break down uric acid in the bloodstream, the flavonoids in tart cherry juice concentrate attack and breakdown the uric acid molecules before they reach the joints to do their damage.

Cherries are also known to lower the risk of cherry consumers to cancer as the antioxidants actively fight cancer causing free radicals. If left unchecked, free radicals attack the cells to cause abnormal mutations eventually resulting in cancer. Antioxidants from tart cherry juice concentrate and other cherry extract varieties bind with the free radicals to neutralize them before they can cause mutations and cancers.

In extract form, the cherry becomes a readily available beverage that can be taken any time of day at higher dosages increasing one’s intake of valuable nutrients. A glass of tart cherry juice concentrate is equivalent to two and a half cups of fresh cherry servings, about the ideal recommendation by dieticians for cherry intake. The best times to drink tart cherry juice concentrate is during breakfast and a few hours before sleeping in order to maximize the body’s absorption of the nutrients in cherries. You can also add cherry concentrates to your favorite sports drink so you get a healthy mix of electrolytes and nutrients during and after an intense physical activity.

Put simply, cherries are wonderful supplements that can enhance the value of your daily diet and provide excellent nutrients to enhance body processes. Extracts like tart cherry juice concentrate enable cherries to be consumed the whole year round, which means now there is no excuse to not enjoy their taste and health benefits. But then again, cherries are health in a cup – who would not want a taste of that?

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