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Have you had your tart cherry juice today? Drinking tart cherry juice daily may help control pain in your body as well as fight and prevent some chronic diseases. If you’re looking for improved health with less pain, this powerful juice could provide the answers you’ve been seeking.

Tart cherry juice can provide pain relief and increased mobility from inflammatory conditions such as arthritis and gout, without the complications or side effects traditionally associated with anti-inflammatory medications.

The Montmorency tart cherry grown in the state of Michigan is the source of natural health benefits, to the delight of millions who are interested in nutraceutical products and alternative healing. Michigan’s Traverse City area produces more tart cherries than any place in the world.

Although cherries have excited American taste buds since the 1600s, tart cherry juice came into its own only in the past few decades, primarily due to scientific research touting its health benefits.

A 2006 research study at the University of Vermont reveals that a specialized blend of tart cherries and apple juice plays a significant role in preventing the painful symptoms of muscle damage after intense physical activity. Reports reveal a noteworthy difference in the degree of muscle strength loss between those drinking the tart cherry juice blend and those taking a placebo juice. This finding is of special interest in the area of sports medicine.

Research from a Michigan State University study reports the following:

The same chemicals that give tart cherry juice its color may relieve pain better than aspirin and ibuprofen.

Tart cherries may provide antioxidant protection comparable to commercially available supplements, such as vitamins C and E.

Eating about 20 tart cherries per day can reduce pain caused by inflammation in your body.

Russel J.Reiter PhD, professor of Medical Neuroscience at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, Texas, has conducted research for 30 years on tart cherry juice and its relation to melatonin in your body. Dr. Reiter's research on tart cherries involves antioxidant properties of the cherries as they relate to melatonin and your sleep/wake cycle. Based upon these research results, tart cherries are found to be a natural source of melatonin. Since melatonin helps regulate the body’s natural clock, tart cherry juice may help you get more restful sleep.

According to continuing studies, tart cherries are a major source of antioxidants that can help maintain heart health, joint health and blood circulation. The secret is in the tincture that gives tart cherries their rich red/black color. This tincture belongs to a class of natural pigments called anthocyanins.

In addition to antioxidants, tart cherries contain queritrin, an important flavonoid. According to leading researchers, queritrin is one of the most potent agents ever discovered. Consuming it in foods, such as tart cherries, is like unleashing inside your body an entire army of compounds that are skilled in neutralizing harmful oxidants in your system.

When the lyrics were written to the popular 1930s song, Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries, I wonder if the composers were inspired by delicious and good-for-you tart cherry juice!

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