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Anyone looking for a more natural alternative to the classic vitamin supplements can certainly give tart cherry supplements a try. Made from actual cherries and undergoing only minimal processing to transform it into a concentrate or pill, tart cherry supplements pack the same nutritive value of fresh cherries minus the harmful by-products of typical artificial manufacturing processes. Add to this the fact that tart cherry supplements easily last for years without spoiling and you end up with a year-round source of vitamins and minerals.

The value of tart cherry supplements begins with the nutritive value of fresh cherries. Cherries have been known to be highly nutritious food sources complete with a variety of antioxidants, flavonoids, vitamins and minerals. The red pigment in cherries is full of anthocyanins which help fight certain diseases including cancer.

However, cherries have one major disadvantage rendering them inadequate in supplying the nutritive needs of many cherry lovers. This advantage lies in the fact that fresh cherries have a very short shelf life and cannot be planted and harvested the whole year round.

Cherries are harvested in the middle of the summer months from mid-July through August. In its fresh form, cherries do not last beyond a week before they start to rot and decay. To preserve cherries, many cherry lovers have come up with a variety of preservation techniques, most notably freezing, drying, juicing and transforming it into a concentrate. In the case of supplement manufacturers, as a pill that can be taken all year round.

With these processing forms, tart cherry supplements are born. Today, anyone can walk into most supermarkets and find many variants of cherries in various forms. However, as a supplement, nothing tops the value of concentrates and pills mainly because they preserve the largest amount of nutrition versus the other processing methods.

Consider: in pill form, cherries are normally dried, ground, and pressed as a pill; likewise, as a concentrate, tart cherries are juiced and the liquid strained. In both processes, the nutrients and disease-fighting substances are still retained in the bulk without any loss. In contrast, drying cherries under the sun for extended periods as is the common practice in many places degrades some of the nutrients reducing the potency of tart cherry supplements in this form.

Without a doubt, there is no argument against taking tart cherry supplements. The fact that they come from natural resources with proven nutritive and health benefits already make it a can’t-miss option for those looking to boost their health. Compared to artificial vitamin supplements, tart cherry supplements carry the advantage of being natural, accessible, cheap and free of potentially harmful by-products.

So consider trying tart cherry supplements to boost health, immunity and well-being. There is a wide selection of tart cherry supplement products at your disposal. Combined with the fact that are economically priced, you can never go wrong with tart cherry supplements in this era of rapidly progressing degenerative and potentially fatal illnesses.