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Tart Dried Cherries – great tasting and great for you

The cherry is a fruit that is quite commonly known all over the world. They are red fleshy stone fruits that are not from one specific plant but from a variety of plants of the same species like the Alabama cherry, the Duke cherry, Tailed-leaf cherry and so on.

Cherries are mainly divided into two gruops, sweet and sour. They can all be dried to preserve their taste and nutritional benefits but when the sour varieties are used, they are referred to as tart dried cherries.

Generally, cherries have their own nutritional value but some are even more nutritious when dried. The drying process requires a dehydrator. The cherries are cleaned, the stems and pits are removed and then the cherries are placed on a drying rack. The dehydrator is placed under them at an average temperature then after 6 to 12 hours, the cherries are dry.

Cherries are the main cash crop for Michigan and are used for both export and local use. Michigan produces up to 75% of the state’s cherries.

As mentioned above, tart dried cherries have a number of nutritional values. They are known for their antioxidant effect which helps fight cancer and heart disease. Because dried tart cherries contain anthocyanins, they are useful in reducing inflammations which are related to heart disease and diabetes.

Patients with heart disease also have a long term benefit from tart dried cherries since they help promote heart artery health. There are also beneficial compounds contained in almost all cherries that help in pain relief in patients with gout and arthritis. Arthritic patients benefit from cherry fruits because they help in promoting joint health and reduce muscle fatigue.

Some people have discovered that tart dried cherries help in reducing fat build up in the body and reducing cholesterol levels in the blood. They have therefore capitalized in selling them as a remedy to reduce weight and to prevent weight gain and obesity. The nutritional content of dried tart cherries helps boost the immune system, helping the body fight disease as well as prevent it from being infected with any. For people suffering from insomnia, tart cherries can help in regulating sleep and sleep patterns as they contain melatonin which works towards that.

For centuries cherries have been used as anti-aging drugs. This is because they contain antioxidants which help in slowing down the aging process. Furthermore, tart cherries also have a good effect on the brain’s physical and psychological function. These fruits contain phenols which help prevent oxidative damage to brain cells. They are also known to help in relieving depression and anxiety as they ease sleep and act as a protective shield to the brain.

Cherry fruit is very rich in color and scent. This has been noted and commercialized to make beauty products such as lipsticks, lip glosses, natural shampoos and even perfumes. Because of their popularity, many companies have used the name to help promote their business.

Most remedies, even natural ones, usually have side effects of one sort or another. In this case however, there are none that are known to be associated with tart dried cherries. The only case in which one would suffer any side effect is if they are allergic to the melatonin contained in tart cherries in which case one should avoid them or seek advice from the doctor.

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