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What Are Cherries Good For

Small as it may be, the cherry fruit packs a lot of answers to the question “what are cherries good for?”. Sure, it’s a great dressing to common desserts like cake or pie, and oftentimes a hearty snack for those afternoon food cravings when you want a healthy alternative, but does it really offer anything more than “just that?” What can one expect to get out of each cherry bite? More importantly, should one even bother to consider adding cherries into their regular diet?

To the many who already know, the beauty of the cherry is in the fact that it may be small but it also has a lot to offer. Food experts and nutritionist widely consider cherry as a super food because of the many health benefits that it offers. Cherries pack a lot of vitamins, minerals and other health-giving substances that are welcome additions to anyone’s diet.

For a sampling of these delectable cherry offerings, and as an insight into answering the question “what are cherries good for”, consider the following that are packed into the tiny cherry fruit:

What are Cherries Good For??

Antioxidants. Not that many years ago, our knowledge of proper nutrition was largely limited to vitamins and minerals and what those can do to the body. Today, our increased knowledge about proper nutrition has allowed us to appreciate chemicals like antioxidants, of which the cherry is a clear front-runner. Antioxidants are a broad class of compounds which helps to prevent the onset of illnesses by helping the body get rid of other chemicals that may cause disease in the first place. These disease-causing chemicals are called free radicals and they work by actively reacting with cells and tissues causing damage. Antioxidants like anthocyanins and lycopene react with free radicals before these can interact with the cells. As a result, the body is spared from the unwanted reaction which damages the cells. Without antioxidants, the body would be immensely vulnerable to the threat of free radical damage which can pile up over time leading to serious health risks.

Water. Yes, it’s easy to laugh at lowly water; after all, it is fairly accessible to most of us. But just like the simplicity of the cherry fruit, water does wonders that help us maintain our bodies on a daily basis. Water is the primary medium through which the body’s chemical reactions occur. Without it, there would be no chemical reactions to power the body’s processes.

In the case of cherries, this is important because the high water content in cherries help promote proper hydration while at the same time ensuring that vitamins are readily absorbed during digestion. The water in cherries actually ensures that we are reaping all that cherry goodness because it makes it easier to extract the vitamins and minerals from the cherry pulp into the blood stream.

In the food world, size does not matter and the cherry fruit certainly demonstrates this. So the next time somebody asks you “what are cherries good for”, answer them with this: pound-for-pound, cherries pack more vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that the common fruits and vegetables you see on supermarket shelves. If that does not make motivate them to love cherries, then undoubtedly, nothing else will.